Congratulations! You’ve been invited to early access of a Phandroid program that will allow PR Agencies and Developers to directly submit news, announcements, updates, press releases, reviews, and other relevant information regarding their apps and games DIRECTLY to the newly redesigned Phandroid App section. Sign up below:

The new app section is still a couple months away from beta, but those who sign up above will enjoy early access to the service.

Once launched, you’ll be able to submit articles about your apps and games, ranging from a simple press release to an exclusive/featured announcement. Our editors will selectively approve these submissions (no spam, pornography, etc…), ensuring legitimate stories are published and top content is featured… perhaps even on the front page of Phandroid.

We hope this will give app and game makers better access to reach their target market and provide consumers a better destination for discoverability. Thanks for being a part of our early access program.

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