BlackBerry Playbook

Last updated: Jun 22nd, 2011.

The BlackBerry PlayBook is RIM's first tablet running the BlackBerry OS. Yes, this tablet is running on BlackBerry, so what is it doing listed among Android slates? The answer is simple. It runs Android apps.

Via an emulator developed by RIM, the PlayBook is capable of running any app from the Android Market on its 7-inch display. The PlayBook features a 1GHz dual-core CPU and 1GB of RAM, dual cameras, and plenty of connectivity. 

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BlackBerry PlayBook updated to version 2.0, Android app support is live

We’ve been hearing about RIM’s efforts to bring an Android app emulator to their tablet platform for some time now. If the functionality had been included out of the box it may have saved the doomed PlayBook, but better late than never. Right? A big update is hitting the BlackBerry tablet today that finally enables …

BlackBerry PlayBook Android App Support Delayed Until Late Fall

The BlackBerry Playbook keeps us interested for one reason and one reason alone: its promised ability to run Android applications through the use of emulation software. The RIM tablet shipped without the functionality out of the box, but an update including the Android App Player was said to be coming this summer. We have seen …

Android App Player Leaks for BlackBerry PlayBook, Based on Android 2.3.3

The Android App Player for the BlackBerry Playbook was promised as part of a future update to RIM’s tablet, but thanks to some snooping by N4BB, a pre-release build of the apps emulator has been unearthed. What’s more? The Android App Player is based around Android 2.3.3, meaning PlayBook users will have access to a …

RIM Shows Off Android App Player For BlackBerry Playbook [Video]

Today at the BlackBerry World conference in Orlando Florida, RIM’s Senior Project Manager, sneak peaked the latest software addition to their BlackBerry Playbook. The Android App Player. Just as the name suggests this will allow a user to load Android apps and run them on their very own Blackberry Playbook.We heard about this feature long …

Android Apps On BlackBerry PlayBook [VIDEO DEMO]

Earlier today we told you how BlackBerry showed off Android App integration on the PlayBook, something they announced long ago but first demonstrated today. Well a video of the demo, which occurred at BlackBerry World 2011, just hit our inbox.Impressed? Unimpressed? Don’t really care?In my opinion it’s like saying, “Hey, would you like to eat …