Wireless charging is no longer a fad, folks. If you’re looking to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus, there’s no shortage of options for you to charge your phone without having to jam things into your phone’s USB port.

The truth is a lot of wireless chargers do the same thing, but there are some that differentiate themselves with different features and form factors that are worth highlighting. We’re presenting just a few of those options ahead, so check them out!

Note: You will see an iPhone X in some of these product images, but note that all of these wireless chargers are fully compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, as well as any other Qi-enabled smartphones. All these options are also rated at 10W for fast charging capabilities.

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charger

How could we begin this list without sharing Samsung’s own option? Their Fast Charge wireless charger is Qi certified, but for phones that can accept the faster 10W charging speeds, it’ll have you topped up on battery almost as fast as a typical wall charger would.

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CUCELL Fast Wireless Charger

If you could do with a little more versatility, CUCELL’s fast wireless charger is perfect. This pad can actually convert between a 0-degree and 90-degree angle to let you prop your smartphone up however you want. This means using the phone as a desk clock is trivial while still enjoying the liberties provided by wireless charging.

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LOHASIC Fast Wireless Charger w/ Cooling

This interesting little charger will quickly charge your phone, but it’ll also do so while keeping it cool. While the efficacy or usefulness of that feature is questionable, this is one of those things where it might help, but it certainly can’t hurt, so it may be worth giving a shot if you’re paranoid about your device’s charging temperature.

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Nobelbird Wood Grain Wireless Charger

None of these wireless chargers would necessarily look bad on a desk, but Nobelbird’s wood grain model would probably look the best. It also doubles as a pen and pencil holder, so, like, what more do you really need? (Oh, and it’s probably not real wood, but for looks alone, it should still add a nice touch to your office space.)

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ZeniArt 2-in-1 Wireless Charger + Mouse Pad

ZeniArt’s combo device is pretty neat. It’s a wireless charging pad, but with a smooth leather-like surface that can also double as a mouse pad. Its effective surface area in that usage scenario is probably a tad small for all but the most casual use, but it’s this sort of gadget consolidation we love atop a modern desk.

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Zeekoo Fast Wireless Car Charger

We end with a nice option when you’re on the go if your care doesn’t already have one of these built in. This car dock doubles as a wireless charger, so while it’s sitting up on your windshield ready to deliver hands-free communication, music control, navigation and what have you, it’s also making sure your battery is nice and full on your way to your next destination.

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As we’ve noted before, there’s no shortage of options for you thanks to Qi being the widely accepted wireless charging standard in the world. Even if you were to change smartphones, your new phone will work with whichever one you buy (so long as that phone has wireless charging, of course). Be sure to check out the full variety of fast wireless chargers at Amazon.

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