While it’s awesome to be able to find great deals for you and the adults in your life, but the truth is that one of the best things about the holidays is seeing a kids face light up with some awesome toys. There are some great options out there this holiday season, with some that are likely to be next-to-impossible to find, but if you manage to snag one of these, you’re practically guaranteed to get the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.

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Best Tech Overall

There really are quite a few fantastic toys that you can find this holiday season that have a focus on the “tech” world. From portable gaming systems to a tablet with nothing but family-friendly content, and even a smartwatch, you’re bound to find something that will make for a great gift.

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2
Sometimes kids want to be able to mimic their parents, and that could mean wearing a smartwatch. The KidiZoom DX2 is features a built-in camera so your little ones can take pictures and videos, and then customize those to create custom watch faces.
Ryze Tech Tello
Drones can be a really fun toy, and if you want the little ones to get in on the excitement, the Ryze Tech Tello is a great way to do so. This drone features a modest 5MP camera and the controller is even powered by DJI, so you're not just getting a run-of-the-mill beginner drone.
Nintendo Switch Lite
The Nintendo Switch is pretty sweet, but it's not really the greatest portable gaming console for kids due to its weight and the removable Joy Cons. The Switch Lite is better suited for kids with its all-in-one design and fun colors that makes this feel like the true successor to something like the Nintendo DS.
Fire HD 8 Kids Edition
Take all of the great features from the new Fire HD 8, including the longer battery life, more storage, and faster processor, and then throw on a child-resistant case. That's what you'll get with the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, plus Amazon includes 1-year of FreeTime Unlimited for endless ours of kid-friendly content.
Fire HD 10 Kids Edition
Although the specifications are slightly different between the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10, the principal is still the same with the HD 10 Kids Edition. You'll get a larger 10.1-inch display, a kid-proof protective case, and the same 1-year of FreeTime Unlimited, so your kids will be able to enjoy some awesome shows, books, and games that are family-friendly.
Sphero Mini
All you need to control the Sphero Mini is your smartphone and hours of time to have some fun. Included with this little ball are six bowling pins and three traffic cones for the little ones to try and learn how to control the Sphero Mini or play a game of bowling from home.

Learn how to code

As tech has advanced over the past few years, the interest in teaching children how to start coding has also increased dramatically. But where’s the fun in just giving the kids a book to learn how to code? These toys turn coding into fun, letting the creative juices flow and doing something that they may have not thought was possible.

Kano Frozen 2 Coding Kit
Get your little ones learning about coding at an early age with this STEM Coding Kit from Kano. This kit is focused around the ultra-popular movie, Frozen 2, letting your kids use their imagination for awesome creations, with the ability to create their own stories with the Frozen 2 cast.
Kano Star Wars Coding Kit
Explore the Force with Kano's Star Wars Coding Kit, which also takes advantage of the STEM curriculum. With this kit your kids can use 3D hand motions to swing light sabers, force push Stormtroopers, and even make Baby Yoda float around.
Sphero SPRK+
Sphero is known for some pretty awesome robots that can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet. The SPRK+ takes that to the next level as you can use this to program it to perform a myriad of moves, while also including an array of LED lights for a unique experience and hours of fun.
Sillbird STEM Robot
It's one thing to be able to build a robot, but it's something else entirely to be able to build, program, and control a robot. The Sillbird STEM Robot introduces kids to the building blocks of the STEM curriculum, along with including a physical remote, or you can use your phone to control it.
If you want to be able to have your little ones build a robot that looks like WALL-E, then the UBTECH JIMU Robot Kit is right up your alley. After building the robot from the ground up, you can create custom actions, while challenging the kids with the included coding challenges.

Best LEGO Kits

LEGO’s are absolutely amazing and regardless of whether it’s building a kit with a pre-determined number of pieces, or just having more blocks than you know what to do with, these kits are simply just fun. Bring home the Apollo Lunar Lander, take Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder for a spin, or build Elsa’s Jewelry box.

LEGO Creator Apollo 11 Lunar Lander
Bring the Apollo 11 Lunar Lander into your home with this awesome LEGO Creator Kit. With more than 1,000 pieces, you can have hours of fun re-creating a unique and once-in-a-lifetime event that changed the world.
LEGO Speed Champions Kit
Car buffs will love being able to build their own cars, and instead of owning a garage you can do so from the comfort of your own home with the LEGO Speed Champions Kit. This LEGO kit features a 2018 Dodge Challenger, along with the super-nostalgic 1970 Dodge Charger.
LEGO Star Wars: Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder
Have you wanted to race around with Luke's Landspeeder? Well, now you can with this LEGO kit that is apprised of almost 250 pieces and includes mini-figures of C-3PO, Luke, and an armed Jawa, along with a cave hideout.
LEGO Creative Brick Box
Let the creativity flow with the LEGO Classic Create Brick Box. This kit features almost 800 pieces, including the ability to create a house, a camera, or some cars. Or, you can just build and create anything your mind can think of.
LEGO Frozen II Elsa's Jewelry Box
Frozen 2 is one of the most popular movies in the Disney lineup, and this LEGO kit makes it possible to build Elsa's Jewelry box. There are 300-pieces included, and includes an Elsa mini-doll and Nokk figure that will dance around with the included turntable.

Phandroid’s 2020 Holiday gift guide

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