Best Galaxy S8 Cases

Spigen Thin FIt

Spigen is by far one of my favorite case manufacturers for a few reasons. They build quality products and best of all, they’re affordable. With so many cases to choose from — offering varying degrees of protection — one of my personal favorites it their Thin Fit line of cases.

These hard shell snap-on cases are extremely thin and if you get the black color option, it features a smooth, soft touch finish that feels like a baby’s bottom. It provides extra grip, comfort, and adequate protection. Highly recommended.

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Spigen Liquid Air Armor

For those needing a little added protection but not something that’s going to make your phone feel terribly bulky, it’s hard to go wrong with the Liquid Air Armor. They’re TPU cases, so they’re tough, flexible, and provide enough protection that your phone should survive most accidental falls from about waist height. How?

Inside the Liquid Air Armor case there are small air pockets all around the interior. This ensures that the case has a little flex in specific high impact areas in the event of a drop. Don’t forget the cases look and feel great, so it’s really a win-win.


YouMaker Heavy Duty Kickstand Clip Holster

Whether you’re an outdoorsman, blue collar worker, or clumsy — some people just really need that extra level of protection that only rugged cases can offer.

We found this surprisingly affordable rugged case from YouMaker that features a crazy amount of protection with an extra thick rim that fully protects the Galaxy S8 from all angles. It’s built like a tank and even comes with a belt clip free of charge.


5,000mAh Battery Case

If you’re going to get a case for your Galaxy S8, why not get one that does more than just protect it? You know, like a battery case that can more than double your S8’s battery life.

Mophie recently announced the latest version of their popular charging cases for the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Priced at $100, these charging cases outfit your Galaxy S8 with a 2,950mAh battery pack strapped to the back (3,300mAh for the S8+ model) during those longer than usual outings away from the charger.

If dropping a full bill on a charging case sounds a little too steep, much cheaper alternatives can be found all over Amazon. We found this great $30 Battery Case for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ that outfits the device with a high capacity 5,000mAh/5,500mAh battery. It’s more power than the Mophie and a fraction of the cost.


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Best Galaxy S8 Chargers

Fast Wall Charger

The Galaxy S8 features Samsung’s “Adaptive Fast Charging.” This means the phone is capable of charging fast when using either an official Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger, or when using a compatible Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 wall charger. If you’re looking for a spare, there are plenty of 3rd party charger options available.

One of the best and most affordable is the ORICO USB wall charger with Quick Charge 2.0. There are two different colored lights to let you know when a fast charging compatible device has been connected, and it comes in black or white color options. At $7, it’s practically a steal.

Note: To charge up the phone in the shortest amount of time, the Galaxy S8 is only capable of fast charging while the screen is off.

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Wireless Charger

The Galaxy S8 is also one of the few Android devices that features fast wireless charging. That means it’s faster than most other wireless charging methods, you just need the proper base to crank out enough power.

This model from Choetech features wireless fast charging and dual-coils to you can position your phone in either landscape or portrait mode. At around $17, it comes with a free micro USB cable but you’ll need to make sure you’re using at least a 2A wall charger to take advantage of the fast charging benefits.

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Car chargers

Whether you’re running navigation or music streaming apps, the car is one of the most important places you should have your device plugged in and charging. We found this great deal on a dual-port car charger — because often times you’re traveling with others — so nobody is fighting over the charging cable.

The car charger is capable of fast charging two devices at the same time, so you’ll be fully charged by the time you both reach your destination. At around $15, it’s a steal.

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Best Galaxy S8 Skins


There are some folks out there who actually like the natural design and slimness of their phones. It’s these types who general want to avoid covering up their phone by putting it inside a bulky case. To help prevent nicks and scratches — maybe even customize the look or color a bit — skins are a great option.

Dbrand has been in the business for awhile, creating skins for your phone in all sorts of different colors, finishes, and textures. With over 25 designs to choose from, you’re sure to find something you love. Just the back/sides of the device will run you about $10, so it’s not a bad deal. To see them for yourself, hit up the links below.

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Buy Galaxy S8+ Skin


Slickwraps is another company specializing in skins for your devices. Once again, these come in different colors, finishes, and materials like glossy, carbon fiber, stone, leather, and even wood. There’s even some exclusive designs by artist Justin Maller if you’re looking to add your favorite super hero.

Priced at about $25, all skins include: full front, 2 alternate front options, back, and side wrap pieces. They have wraps available for most devices, including the Galaxy S8, so hit up the links below to check them out for yourself.

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Best Galaxy S8 Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are one of the most important (and difficult products) to buy for your smartphone. Because of the curved edges found on the Galaxy S8’s display, finding a well-reviewed screen protector that provides 100% coverage — even around those curved edges — is especially difficult.

Before we get into our top picks, there are two different types of screen protectors out there: plastic and glass. Each has their pros and cons. Plastic is extremely thin but applying it can sometimes leave bubbles and it’s typically not very oleophobic. Glass is much tougher, easier to apply without bubbles, feels smoother, but can leave an “oil slick” colored effect in the middle of the screen. Glass is also harder to use with a case, so keep that in mind.

You’ll have to decide which best fits your needs, but here are some of the best — and most affordable — screen protectors we could find on Amazon:

Plastic: iTurbos PET HD Screen Protector Film (2-pack) $7.99

Glass: Candywe 3D Full Curved Edge Samsung S8 tempered glass $9.99

Best Galaxy S8 Car Mounts

CD slot car mount

Walk into any store or search online and you’ll find hundreds of car docks (mounts) for your smartphone. From suction cup mounts, to mounts that attach to (and block) your AC vents, you’re probably wondering which car dock is best. It’s hard to give you a definitive answer but my personal recommendation are car docks that mount directly into your old, dead, CD player slot.

These are perfect for a few reasons. First, it ensures your phone is always located in the best, most logical place on your dash (your car’s control panel). This also frees up your AC vents and you don’t have to worry about suction cup mounts attaching to the top of your dash or windshield.

I was able to find a nearly perfectly reviewed CD slot car mount for $20 on Amazon that allows you to dock your phone quickly and easily. Hit up the link below to check it out.

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Wireless charging mount

Nobody likes fiddling with or hunting around for the USB cable whenever the get in/out of their car. Since the Galaxy S8 is features wireless charging, it only makes sense to take advantage of this feature with a car mount. There are lots to choose from, but few that have as good of a rating as the Sojitek wireless car mount.

Priced at $50, it’s a tad on the steep side, but could be worth if you’re looking for top level convenience. It doesn’t feature fast wireless charging however, so whenever you need to charge your device in a hurry, you may want to plug instead. Pick it up at the link below.

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3-in-1 lens kit

The Galaxy S8 features some impressive camera hardware, but unlike the LG G6 (which is equipped with a super wide angle lens) or the iPhone 7 (which features a telephoto zoom lens), the Galaxy S8 just has a regular ‘ol camera on the back.

There are 3rd party attachable lenses you use to get similar functionality out of your Galaxy S8. These ones we found on Amazon were only priced at $14 and clip on your phone quickly and easily. There’s 3 lenses: 180-degree fish eye, 10X macro, and 0.4X wide angle. Now you can zoom in on your subject, get extremely close, or shoot an entire room easier than ever before.

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Best Galaxy S8 Headphones and Speakers

Wireless Headphones

You don’t have to spend a fortune these days to get some good, quality headphones. Typically, you have to choose between wired or wireless headphones, with some of the higher end models offering both (Bluetooth when you have battery, wired they’re dead).

The good news is we found some extremely well-reviewed headphones from Mpow that are chock full of features. The Mpow Thor Bluetooth headphones feature dual 40mm large-aperture drivers, 8 hours of battery life, and the ability to plug a wired connection when they die. There’s a built-in microphone for taking voice calls, and the collapsible design allows them to fold up for easy portability.

At around $27, these are practically a steal. Find out what the hype is about by buying a pair for yourself below.

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Wireless earbuds

Truly wireless earbuds still aren’t very practical at the moment (you know, like Apple’s AirPods). But if you’re simply looking for something you don’t have to keep tethered to your smartphone, there are plenty of good options out there. We these great wireless earbuds. They’re tethered to each other, but the wire wraps around behind your head so the cord stays out of the way.

They’re using Bluetooth 4.1 and support CVC6.0 noise cancellation. The integrated microphone lets you talk without having to grab your phone, with voice controls to answer or reject calls. The best part is you can actually connect to 2 smartphones at the same time and answer calls from either one. Not bad if you have an extra phone for work. They’re sweat proof and the battery provides over 4 hours of talk/music with 100 hours of standby time.

The LBell wireless headphones come in either black or white and you can pick them up at Amazon right now for about $23. Can’t beat that price with a stick.

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Best Budget Earbuds

There was no way I was going to create a list of the best Galaxy S8 accessories without including the best budget headphones you can buy. At around $9, Panasonic’s ErgoFit in-ear headphones offer a crazy value, delivering some of the best audio quality you can get for the money.

They’re so cheap you can use these as your disposable headphones, throw them in a bag, work out with them, abuse them, and if they die on you, simply pick up another pair.

They come in 8 colors and sound leaps and bounds better than anything that came included with any of your devices, so give them a shot. You wont be sorry.

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There are plenty of good Bluetooth speakers out there, but few that offer such a well-rounded mix of quality, ruggedness, and portability, and price as the UE Roll.

Priced $65, the UE Roll is waterproof, small, lightweight, features 9-hour battery life, and can be attached almost anywhere. It’s designed to be taken out and abused, and the round shape provides 360-degree sound with nice bass. The companion app allows you to tweak the EQ or if you have an extra, pair them together for surround sound.

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Best Galaxy S8 Micro SD Cards

Just like with last year’s Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S8 too features a micro SD card slot. Located on the top of the device, it uses the same tray as the SIM card making it easy to find.

You can expand your storage size on the Galaxy S8 by up to 2TB without being forced to buy into a pricey cloud storage subscription. Here are a few good micro SD cards to try:

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