Being a big fan of Android means that we try to get our hands on all of the latest and greatest devices, but there are more ways to show your allegiance to Android. That’s where Android collectibles come into play, and we’ve seen many of different kinds of collectibles crop up over the years.

From posters to Android Minis and various t-shirts, there are plenty of different options for you to show off your Android pride. Here is a list of some of the best options you can get for either yourself or that Android nerd you know.

Android Mini Collectible


Android Mini’s are some of the most popular collectibles for the Android lover to get. We’ve seen Andrew Bell release loads of different versions over the years, all with different themes and unique designs. These are readily available pretty much anywhere, and the best part is that they are easy to grab for under $10.

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Android Robot Keychain


Being able to have the awesome Android Robot on your keychain is another great way to showcase your love for Android wherever you go. This keychain is rather small in stature, but also features a blue light that comes from the eyes of the keychain.

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Android DIY Figure


Android figures are awesome, but they are even better if you can customize them to your liking. This DIY figure is officially licensed and allows you to draw or color to your heart’s content. Like the regular versions mentioned above, you can also get this version for under $10.

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Android Plush


For those who like to have stuffed toys, this Android plush is perfect for you. It may look a little odd at first, but it’s a great way to show anyone who comes over what camp you reside within and is soft enough to lay your head on if you want to take a quick nap.

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Android Posters

One of the other most popular ways to showcase products that you love is through posters. Dead Zebra has a slew of different posters available that show off how amazing it is for Android to be open-sourced, as well as playing off of posters from the past. These posters start at $15 but can be purchased as a set for less than $50.

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Android Wall Decal


This may not be practical for everyone, as it depends on whether you feel like sticking things to your walls, but this Android Wall decal will spruce up any room in your home. Measuring in at 15″ x 20″, this wall decal comes around the corner with a little wave whenever you walk past and is priced at $20.

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Android Stickers


Everyone loves stickers. Whenever you go to your local Starbucks and see others working on their laptops, you’re bound to see at least a sticker or two on the casing. For myself, I love collecting various stickers and showing off my favorite websites or products. This 10-pack of stickers from Dead Zebra gives you different designs to show your love for Android and will definitely spruce up your laptop or desk.

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Android Pin Set (10 pcs)


As someone who takes his laptop just about anywhere, I like to put a couple of pins from various events as a way to spruce things up a bit. There are many different options available with prices starting at $10, but you can get a set of 10 for just $85, saving you $15.

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Android Eats Apple T-Shirt


Last but not least is a the famous logo that we’ve seen around the interwebs for years. The Android taking a bite out of an apple. This logo has been seen in many different capacities, but for the sake of adding a t-shirt to the mix, that’s why this has been selected here. You can grab this shirt for just $16 from Amazon and comes in many different sizes.

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