Barnes & Noble NOOK Color

Last updated: Apr 9th, 2012.

The NOOKcolor is the first tablet that's a hybrid of a tablet and an eReader.

It combines the ease and portability of an eReader, with the openness of the Android OS. It has a vivid 7" touchscreen and access to the entire NOOK catalog of eBooks.

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FLUX unveils beamo, a compact and affordable laser cutter for the masses

We love it when technology makes our lives easier. While smartphones have come a long way in the past decade, other technologies have improved at a much slower pace. Laser cutters and engravers have always been large, complicated and very expensive, but the newly-announced beamo is an incredibly powerful tool that could go unnoticed in …

Pixel 4 low-light camera test (50+ photos & videos)

After showing you what the Pixel 4’s cameras were capable of during the day in our first camera test, we thought you’d like to see what Google’s new flagship smartphone is capable of when lighting isn’t ideal. After the Pixel 4 launch event, we took the phone out for a quick photo session at Hudson …

Testing the Google Pixel 4 cameras

The Google Pixel 4 is finally here, and the new dual camera system is itching to be tested. We got to take some photos and videos with the device for a quick test!

Hands on with Google’s new Pixel 4

The Google Pixel 4 is official, and we go hands on with the exciting new device. Watch the video to see the new Motion Sense and telephoto cameras in action!

Pixelbook Go is available for pre-order now starting at $649

The Pixelbook Go got a fairly quick mention on stage today, but it is a significant shift for Google’s Chrome OS hardware team that is used to producing the highest-end devices in the Chromebook market. The Pixelbook Go gets a much more palatable $649 starting point in either Just Black or Not Pink and is …

Google Nest Aware: One price for your entire home.

“Hey, Google” heard that our Nest Aware pricing can get a little expensive and complicated, so they’ve introduced a simple whole home pricing model. Instead of paying separately for each camera, the new Nest Aware will include all cameras, speakers and displays in your home for one of two low prices, with even more video …

Google Stadia Officially Coming November 19th

Google didn’t have a lot to say about Google Stadia during today’s event, but one crucial they detail they did give us was the release date, November 19th. Notably, that is the launch date in all 14 initial markets, so as long as you could order Stadia it will be shipping on the 19th. Pre-orders …