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4 must-have Huawei products for the digital nomad

Jun 29th - When you travel, you have to balance keeping up with work, friends, and enjoying your surroundings. Here are some Huawei devices to make sure you enjoy your travels as much as possible.

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Deal: Score a windows 10 license for less than $12 with urcdkeys Summer Vacation Sale

Jun 28th - While not all of us get to enjoy summer vacation anymore, we can all enjoy these summer vacation deals from URCDkeys. Just use our coupon code “PA20” at checkout to save an additional 20% off their already great prices. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-KEY sale price $11.64 (after 20% code) Office2016 Professional Plus CD Key  sale …

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Deal: Scdkey Windows 10 licenses for $13 and Office 2016 for $33

Jun 13th - In case you’ve missed out on our previous software deals, we have another chance for you to save big on Windows 10 and more today through VIP-SCDKey. Some of the highlights are Windows 10 for just $13.36 or Windows 10 Pro and Office 2019 Pro for only $66.57. Just use the code “VIPPA” during checkout …


Deal: Score a Windows 10 license for less than $12 with URCDKeys spring sale

May 18th - We typically stick to the mobile side of things around here, but most of us do also need a laptop running a full desktop OS to get by and the majority of us are Windows 10 users. So when URCDKeys approached us with this offer for our readers we were intrigued. We’ve all seen questionable …


8 Moments When Metal Gear Solid 2 Wowed the World

Sep 6th - Even after its original launch, Konami’s espionage action hit still has the power to impress like few other games of its era. In fact, Metal Gear Solid 2 is such an amazing technical showcase, even to this day, many modern titles have yet to catch up to the standards its hugely interactive environments, delicious detailing …


How BioShock Rewrote the FPS Rulebook

Aug 22nd - Videogames have a wonderful habit of taking us to unforgettable imaged places, but, to paraphrase Dorothy, there’s no place like Rapture. An undersea metropolis built by Objectivists and, by the time the player arrives, destroyed by deregulation, its decrepit bathysphere tour warmly welcome us to an utterly hostile and sinister environment. But Rapture’s not just …


Paragon Hits NVIDIA SHIELD: What You Need to Know

Jun 15th - Epic Games knows a thing or two about delivering amazing gaming experiences. They’re the masterminds behind hits like Gears of War and Unreal Tournament as well as the Unreal Engine, which powers some of the most visually stunning titles around. So, when the company launches a new title, it’s worth paying attention to.Now, NVIDIA SHIELD …


3 Epic Games Worth Playing on NVIDIA SHIELD TV in 2017

Feb 9th - Offering powerful hardware and a huge library of hit games, the NVIDIA Shield TV is a fantastic choice for gamers who want a great gaming experience without any hassles. Best of all, new games are regularly added to the SHIELD’s impressive collection, opening up new worlds to explore.The latest batch of games available on SHIELD …