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Watch Live: LG G5 announcement event [VIDEO]

Feb 21st - The LG G5 will be announced today and you can be pretty confident what to expect. But will LG have any surprises? You can find out in real-time by watching the event live right here. Just hit the play button at 2PM CET – local Barcelona time – when the event is due to get underway!Discuss …


Now available: the $199 honor 5X is the best cheap Android you can buy

Jan 31st - If you read our review of the honor 5X you would know it ranks #1 on our Best Affordable Android Phones list. Now you can buy it: purchase the device for $199 directly from the honor website or snag it for $199 on Amazon.Don’t just sit on the couch like a lump of ‘taters after clicking …


Honor 5X Contest: 2 winners, 1 prize left

Jan 29th - The unfortunate soul formerly known as our 3rd winner never responded, which is good news for you, because now YOU have a chance to win the last of our precious honor 5X Android phones!


How to root the OnePlus Anything [VIDEO]

Jan 16th - If you’re not experienced in the rooting world, you may not know where to start. If you want to get started, and happen to have a OnePlus device, we’ve got the perfect starting place.


DEAL: Amazon Prime for $73 only this weekend!

Jan 16th - I can’t say enough good things about Amazon Prime. It’s a product I use and love. Usually $99, Amazon Prime is offering a deal – this weekend only – with a special $73 offer.


138 Battery Patents being auctioned by Google

Jan 16th - Originally spotted by IAM and published by Fortune, the 18-page document embedded below is a Patent Sale Offering put together by Red Chalk Group for the sale of 200+ patents that Google acquired from Motorola through the buyout.