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What are your last minute Google IO 2016 predictions?

May 18th - And after 2 hours of what’s sure to be packed with pure awesomeness, there will be no more room for saying” I told ya so”. So make your predictions while you still can: what announcements will be made at Google IO 2016? What big surprises? What little surprises?


This is Android “3D Touch” coming in Android N [VIDEO]

Apr 15th - Updates to the Android N developer previews have uncovered some awesome new tidbits such as new emojis, and better app folders, but readers were most interested to learn that Android may start using iPhone-like 3D Touch support.


50+ Samsung Galaxy S7 Tips & Tricks

Mar 2nd - The Samsung Galaxy S7 is an incredible smartphone with a treasure trove of features. Many people overlook the most powerful features of their smartphone: don’t let that happen to you! Get the most out of Samsung’s flagship by embracing the Best Galaxy S7 features and diving into our collection of top Galaxy S7 Tips & Tricks below.Expand …


LG introduces G5 playground: robots, drones, cams and VR goggles.

Feb 21st - We already knew that LG would announce the LG G5, and they just did, showing an incredibly cool modular device allows for a removable battery on a unibody design. But that’s just where it starts.Some of what LG announced include: LG CAM Plus LG Hi-Fi Plus LG 360 VR LG 360 Cam LG Rolling Bot And it …