Rob Jackson



How I’m using Amazon Subscriptions for more than saving money

Apr 6th - Amazon Subscriptions also save you money by completely avoiding the possibility of impulse buys and that cannot go unnoticed. If you smartly set up your subscriptions, you’re saving a lot more in time and money than the math price-based comparisons will show.


The Future of Phandroid

Apr 4th - It’s been 3 strange months since I announced Phandroid was for sale and many of you asked for updates as the situation developed. Here they are.


Galaxy S9: Everything To Know (without the BS)

Feb 25th - Whenever new flagship smartphones are announced, tech media converge on the digital masses, flooding the interverse with more infos than anyone cares to know. What YOU want to know is the TL;DR, am i right? Only what’s important without the fluff? Allow me.This is the no frills, sans BS edition of your typical “Everything to …


Samsung takes on iPhone Animojis with Galaxy AR Emojis

Feb 25th - The most recent iPhone launch brought Animojis- allowing users to record their voice and face, automatically animating themselves into one of several cute characters for delivering to other iPhone users.Here’s a look at iPhone Animojis:In the world of smartphone tit–for-tat you had to know that Samsung would launch their own version of animojis with a …


What security system works best with Google Home?

Oct 18th - Developing the perfect Smart Home can be a fickle beast with dozens of companies producing hundreds of products using various technologies and standards that may or may not work together. As companies like Amazon and Google focus on the power of voice operated systems, you’ll want to make sure your products are compatible.


CONTEST: Google Pixel 2 Reviews

Oct 17th - Reviews of the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL are starting to pour in from across the world and they seem to agree- this is the best smartphone on the planet. It’s crazy to consider, then, that we’re giving one away for free!