Raveesh Bhalla

Design Love: Feedly

Jun 22nd - With the end of Google Reader nearly upon us, it’s becoming more and more important to look for a replacement. So far, I’ve decided to shift to Feedly, primarily because of their beautiful Android app.

Uniquely Android: AutomateIt

Jun 22nd - AutomateIt is quite possibly the simplest way to automate your Android device. The free version comes with 31 possible triggers and 27 possible actions, opening up an enormous world of possibilities.

Design Love: 7X7

Jun 16th - 7X7 is a simple, gorgeous and a very addictive game that shows developers the right way to implement flat UI design.

Uniquely Android: ReadItToMe

Jun 15th - ReadItToMe is another personal assistant app, that focuses on reading out your notifications to you and allowing you to respond to texts by voice, while also offering a lot of customization capabilities.

[Rumor] Google is reportedly buying Waze for $1.3 billion

Jun 9th - An Israeli news website, Globes, is reporting that Google is set to acquire Waze, the maps application that puts a lot of focus on social, crowdsourced data. Waze has upwards of 50 million users, and has been the subject of speculation linking them to acquisitions by Apple and Facebook within the last year.

Uniquely Android: Everything.me Launcher

Jun 9th - Nothing epitomizes the personalization capability of Android as much as the various launcher applications do. For the most part, the purpose of launcher applications so far was to offer a lighter alternative to the default ones, with some additional capabilities, but Everything.me is nothing like you have ever seen.

Design Love: Flib

Jun 8th - Flib is a converter app that has a drop-dead gorgeous flat UI and some delightful animations (that can get annoying later on) that make you instantly fall in love with it.

Joysticked: Shadowgun on the Moga Pro

Jun 8th - I happened to use the Moga Pro controller at the Google I/O sandbox for the multiplayer game demos, and instantly fell in love with it. In my eyes, the Moga Pro is the best thing to have happened to mobile gaming since Snake, and wanted to put it to the test with my favorite mobile game so far, Shadowgun.

What I expect to see at Google I/O

May 5th - Google I/O 2013 is nearly upon us, and we should be seeing some big announcements on the Android, Chrome, Nexus and Google TV front.

Uniquely Android: Mac Remote

May 4th - Mac Remote is an Android app that lets you control various apps on your Macbook Pro or other Apple computing devices. It is extremely easy to set up as long as both devices are on the same WiFi network.

Design Love: Ovo Timer

May 4th - The design of Android apps has improved significantly in the last couple of years, and Ovo is another great example of the change. It is a beautiful little countdown timer that anyone would enjoy playing around with.

Hidden Gems: Hike Messenger

Apr 28th - Hike Messenger is one of the best Android apps to have come out of India in recent times, with the likes of Bharti Airtel queueing up in excitement to support it by making a substantial investment.

Design Love: Camera Zoom FX

Apr 27th - The design of Android apps has improved significantly in the last couple of years, and Camera Zoom is a great example of the change. It’s also a great replacement for your built-in camera app, if you’re looking for one.