Raveesh Bhalla

Apps worth rooting for: GMD GestureControl

Aug 4th - GMD GestureControl is a root-only app that allows you to perform certain actions using multitouch gestures. The pro version also allows you to set up custom gestures, which gives this app a great potential to boost your productivity.

Obama vetoes ban on iPhone 4 and 3G iPad 2

Aug 3rd - Barack Obama has overturned a ban on the Apple iPhone 4 and 3G iPad 2 that was granted by the ITC in June, stating that since the patent in question comes under FRAND, such an injunction would be too strong a punishment.

Phandroid’s Best Android Apps: Playboard

Jul 28th - Love discovering really good Android apps? Playboard can help. The service allows its users to curate their favorite Android apps into “boards”, and share them with the community.

[Opinion] My argument for ending the Android F-word talk once and for all

Jul 27th - Whenever anyone mentions Android’s “fragmentation problems”, my typical reaction is to chuckle and wish to myself that the person would be born as a web developer in their next life to understand what fragmentation really is. But, hey, there’s almost always someone who brings up the topic every now and then.

Riptide GP2 review: a great way to experience Google’s new multiplayer platform

Jul 23rd - Riptide GP2 is a game that I have been eagerly awaiting ever since I got a chance to play with at Google I/O. Released now on the Play Store, the game builds on an already very solid game with a lot of new stuff, the highlight of which is the multiplayer mode powered by Google’s platform demoed at I/O in May.

[Opinion] 19 apps in, a look back at Uniquely Android

Jul 21st - It’s been just over a year since I first began the Uniquely Android series, and in the time I have written about 19 apps. Here’s a list of all of them, and also what I have learnt while covering them.

Uniquely Android: Helium

Jul 14th - By popular demand, this week’s Uniquely Android features an app by possibly one of the most important developers in the Android community, Koushik Dutta.

Design Love: Umano, News Read to You

Jul 13th - Despite trying dozens of apps every week, it’s pretty rare that I come across one that makes it to my “can’t live without” list. Umano, a reader app that actually has professional people reading out news to you, is my newest addition after a long, long time.


Design Love: Grand St.

Jul 7th - Grand St. is a curated list of cool tech products, with the team going to great length also spend some time reviewing each and every product that they feature, and allowing you to purchase the products from within the app.

Uniquely Android: Wave Control

Jul 7th - Wave Control is an amazing little app that allows you to control your phone without actually touching it. It uses the proximity sensor to allow for some basic music and call controls out of the box, with a Pro version adding more capabilities.

Design Love: Android Design in Action

Jun 30th - Picking an app that is pretty much about the Android Developer Advocate team’s weekly show, Design in Action, feels a little unimaginative. However, I wanted to highlight ADiA as a great example of how a developer can, with a little foresight, create a really good tablet and phone app simultaneously.

[Opinion] What an ideal smartwatch should be like

Jun 30th - Smartwatches seem like all the rage right now, and I am extremely excited about the future of them and wearable computing in general. But I don’t think anyone has put together a perfect experience for the average consumer. Yet.

Uniquely Android: Friday

Jun 29th - Of all the apps featured so far in the Uniquely Android series, Friday would be my pick as the most ambitious one. Built by the same team, Dexetra, that developed Iris a couple of years ago, Friday can easily come off as creepy at first glance. Extremely creepy.

[Opinion] Google Person Finder, and the need for Silicon Valley to rediscover its heart

Jun 23rd - I wanted to break away from our normal posts to write about something a bit more important. As some of you might know, North India is currently reeling from devastating floods and landslides, caused by a cloudburst. The landslides have left around a thousand dead and over 60,000 stranded in desolate areas in the Himalayas, most of whom were tourists and pilgrims.