Raveesh Bhalla

[Rumor] Sony’s camera lens accessories to cost $250-$450

Aug 31st - The Sony “camera lens” accessories have certainly garnered their fair share of attention in the recent weeks. With their official announcement at IFA 2013 not too far away, we seem to finally be getting more details including their final price range.

Are smart custom launchers the Holy Grail or just a fad?

Aug 24th - Google Now is magical, and has inspired many others to imagine experiences which involve predicting what a user needs. In this post, I take a look at what two startups are doing using such contextual information in the domain of custom launchers.

Design Love: Yahoo! Weather

Aug 18th - I, for one, am glad to see the increasing positivity around Yahoo. The stock is up nearly double since Marissa Mayer became CEO, they’ve added a few interesting companies and top-notch developers through acquisitions, and, if the Yahoo! Weather app is anything to go by, someone there seems to know how to put together a decent design again.

[Opinion] Android is better, and American startups need to realize that

Aug 17th - One of the issues with writing opinion posts on a site like Phandroid is that nobody outside the community takes you too seriously. That’s why I couldn’t be more delighted that Twitter’s experience designer Paul Stamatiou wrote his now famous Android is better blog post.