Raveesh Bhalla

40% of BBM’s 5-star reviews could have been bought

Oct 26th - There could be a lot more to the allegations of BlackBerry buying downloads and reviews for BlackBerry for Android, with our data showing as many as 40% of their 5-star reviews being suspicious.

Could this be the white Nexus 5?

Oct 20th - A tipster to a Chinese website sent the above press render for the white variant of the Nexus 5, and also stated that both the colors would be available at launch.

Is Android the future of Oculus Rift?

Oct 19th - John Carmack, the CTO of Oculus Rift, believes that Android might provide the perfect compromise for those wanting an untethered experience.

See the HTC One Max in all its gigantic glory

Oct 13th - The number of times we’ve seen the HTC One Max leak, you’d almost be forgiven to assume that the manufacturer’s CEO, Peter Chou, is the one putting them out. In the latest round of images (and by far the most detailed) we get to see virtually every nook and cranny of the 5.9″ phablet.

A little backstory on the Android logo

Oct 12th - I love the Android logo. Yet, until today, I never really bothered to learn more about how it came into existence, who designed it and what was the inspiration behind it.

[Video] Samsung finally gets a Note 3 ad right

Oct 12th - Samsung seems to not have been at the top of their game recently with respect to their advertisements, but their latest, while not particularly memorable, is a pretty good effort.

Paperboy: My new favorite reading app

Oct 7th - Paperboy is a neat little reader app that does a lot of things right, offers a lot of customization options to the user and is really snappy to use. And it’s the only third party app out there that provides Feedly Pro features.

You can now officially purchase the Samsung HomeSync

Oct 6th - They took their time (7+ months of it) but finally, Samsung’s $300 HomeSync Android-based media box is available for sale. The HomeSync allows you to browse the web, watch YouTube as well as download apps from Google Play, though it doesn’t run Google TV.