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Readers’ Choice Awards: Biggest Fail of 2014

Dec 30th - With less than two days left in the year, we are down to our penultimate category in our 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards. It is now time to announce the winner for the one category where last place would be a better finish than first. Ladies and gentlemen, your choice for the Biggest Fail of 2014.

Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Smartphone of 2014

Dec 29th - As the finals days of 2014 slip away, it is time to name the best Android smartphone of the year as voted on by your fellow Phandroid readers. Voting in this category was tight, and each of the top three phones could have easily taken home the award, but only one prevailed in the end.

Samsung Gear VR Review

Dec 29th - Samsung’s partnership with Oculus has produced a stunning virtual reality experience with the Gear VR and Galaxy Note 4. Is it all hype or does the pairing showcase the future of mobile VR?

Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Tablet of 2014

Dec 28th - We are halfway through our unveiling of your selections for the winners of our 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards. Today we are announcing the Best Tablet of 2014 as voted on by over 1700 of our readers.

Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Smartwatch of 2014

Dec 27th - As we continue through our Readers’ Choice Awards countdown, we have reached the results for Best Smartwatch of 2014 as voted on by 1700 of our readers. This category is awarded to the top smartwatch released this year (Android Wear or otherwise).

Readers’ Choice Awards: Best New Game of 2014

Dec 26th - Yesterday we revealed the Best New App of 2014 as voted on by over 1700 of Phandroid’s readers. Today we will announce the Readers’ Choice winner for Best New Game of 2014.

Christmas came and went — how did you make out?

Dec 26th - If you weren’t on Santa’s naughty list this year, chances are you found at least one piece of cool new tech under the Christmas tree. We want to hear about it! Consider this your post-holidays open thread for talking about all the new gifts and gadgets you have unwrapped in recent weeks.

Work off those holiday calories with the Striiv fitness tracker, only $55 at

Dec 24th - Hanukkah parties, Christmas parties, New Year’s parties. Perhaps multiples of each. The holidays are full of much revelry and cheer. They are also full of plenty of food and drink. If you are planning to overindulge a bit this season, plan to get a jump on that resolution to stay fit in 2015 with the help of the Striiv Fusion smartwatch and fitness tracker.


How to watch 360 videos with the Gear VR

Dec 19th - Just as the Samsung Gear VR can be used to watch your own imported 2D and 3D movies, it can also be used to view content shot and compiled for 360-degree presentation. Here’s how to get yours on the Gear VR for playback.