Kevin Krause

Watch us get Androidified at MWC 2015

Mar 2nd - Androidifying yourself is nothing new. The app has existed for quite some time and Google continues to utilize the resulting Android caricatures in advertising and media. At MWC 2015 Google is inviting all attendees to Androidify themselves, offering custom badges and tote bags to commemorate the experience.

Hands-on with Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 Edge cases

Mar 2nd - The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge offers a unique new form factor, so it goes without saying we will see some interesting cases for the new flagship. Samsung will offer a few options out of the gate, including a new take on their flip cover case as well as a lightweight plastic shell case.

Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6: camera sample comparison

Mar 2nd - We’ve already seen how the Samsung Galaxy S6 compares to the iPhone 6 in terms of its physical attributes, but we wanted to get an even better idea of how the two devices stacked up in terms of performance. Using what we had on hand, we put the camera of each phone to the test.

Is Huawei making the next Nexus smartphone?

Feb 27th - It’s safe to say Google’s next Nexus smartphone won’t launch until summer at the earliest, but the rumors are already starting to swirl. The latest says not only will Google release two new Nexus handsets this year, but one will be produced by a Chinese manufacturer.

In-the-wild image of Sony Xperia Z4 tablet leak along with mid-range handset

Feb 27th - Sony might be in the midst of spinning off its mobile business, but that doesn’t mean the company is pressing pause on bringing us new gear in 2015. After a quiet showing at CES, the company looks to have at least a couple of devices in tap for MWC, including what might be considered the official followup to the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet.

Sprint teases Galaxy S6, we get our clearest official look yet

Feb 27th - We’re a mere couple of days away from Samsung’s Galaxy S6 launch event, but it seems that Android fans aren’t the only ones that can’t stand the anticipation. Sprint is getting on board with the teasers and has launched a “Six Appeal” landing page utilizing a familiar side profile image of what we assume to be the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

How I learned to stop worrying and let an SMS robot manage my savings

Feb 25th - Let me tell you something about myself: I’m young, irresponsible, and check my bank account balance once every two months (if that). It’s not that I’m sitting so comfortably that I never need to check; it’s more the opposite. I live in constant paranoia about my funds and stand by the maxim “out of sight, out of mind.”