Janis Paulson

App Review: Screebl Lite (Battery Saver Beta)

Nov 23rd - “Mom. Mom! MOM!… You were nodding off…. Yes, you were.” Screebl Lite will alleviate some of the frustration of having to deal with both your mom and your phone doing the same thing.

App Review: AutoLock 1.2.2 (you don’t have it?)

Nov 13th - It seems as though Autolock has become an old standby for G1 (or former G1) users.  It lost the limelight it had in the early days, so new users don’t have any idea how fundamental this app is to easy, everyday use of your phone. It’s worth $.99, definitely. Whether it’s worth the 2mb of …

App Review: Forecast Weather Widget v2 (it’s the best)

Nov 8th - If your goal is quick, accurate weather information on your Android phone, stop hunting through Market.  Weather Forecast Widget v2 is the most solidly developed, reliable, complete, and most customizable weather widget available.  Its reliability and customizability are well worth the €.99 to unlock all the features in the donate version.I’m a bit a of a weather fiend. …