Edgar Cervantes

LG G2 review

Oct 18th - Looking for a new phone and want the best? As of now, the LG G2 is my go-to phone and nothing beats it. But why? Check out our review to learn all about it!

Angry Birds Go: a whole new race for Rovio!

Oct 15th - We all love our Angry Birds games, but we can also agree that it is all getting too repetitive. Angry Birds Go will change your whole perspective on the series!

Nest Protect: making your smoke detector smarter!

Oct 9th - Smoke detectors haven’t evolved much since their invention, but we could get so much more out of just a beeping smoke signal. Enter the Nest Protect, the next generation in Home security!

Google ready to bring ads to Gmail Android app

Sep 30th - Gmail for Android received a really nice update last week. It came with an awesome card style UI, but there is much more hiding behind that beautiful style. Google has also included some coding into Gmail v4.6 that will not make many of you happy, because it seems the app will be getting ads very …