Edgar Cervantes

Round-up: everything you need to know about the Nexus 5!

Nov 1st - Boy, was yesterday a wild day. Google decided to straight out release the Nexus 5, with no announcement or warnings. It was all way too exciting and we were running around the office trying to cover all the news and details for you. What about today? Today we are suffering from what I will start …

Google Nexus 5 commercial: “I Do”

Oct 31st - Using a smartphone is not all about Angry Birds and Social Networks. You need that connection with your passions and memories, something the new Nexus 5 commercial displays perfectly.

HOT DEAL: Get Swiftkey Keyboard for 50% off!

Oct 22nd - Swiftkey became one of the most successful keyboards in the Google Play Store very quickly after its release. Its prediction technology, fun layouts, language support and cloud features have made it my very own go-to keyboard. I use it on all my devices and simply can’t find a keyboard I like better. Today would be …