Dima Aryeh


The Moto Razr in gold is absolutely stunning

Feb 6th - The original Moto RAZR came in dozens of awesome colors. The hot pink model was straight up iconic. So we’re glad to see the new foldable Moto Razr leak in a fresh gold color.


Watch the new Moto Razr get torn down

Feb 6th - The Moto Razr looks like a complex device, and this teardown video shows a lot of screws and sneaky ribbon cables. But it’s a bit easier to tear apart than expected.


OnePlus 7T drops even further in fantastic sale

Jan 13th - The international versions of OnePlus devices are on steep discount right now, including the top of the line 7T Pro McLaren edition. Of course that one is still super expensive… but the 7T is at the cheapest we’ve seen!