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Dirac Research debuts all new mobile 3D Audio and Bass.

Feb 23rd - Dirac is a world-renowned audio technology company on a mission to invent the future of sound. Specialised in digital audio optimisation, Dirac provides a perfected sound experience in any type of listening environment, including mobile, VR/AR, gaming, automotive, residential and commercial AV. Offering the industry’s most powerful suite of digital audio solutions, Dirac serves as …


DEAL: the Lametric Time smart clock is now $40 off

Feb 17th - [Edit] The $40 code seems to have expired after a specific number of uses. However the below extra codes will allow you to save 5% off the cost of a new LaMetric Time.LaMetric Time is an Internet-connected clock that makes your home or work space unique with charming clock faces, controls smart home with a glance, …


How to use the Google Home translation feature

Feb 7th - Google Home devices have been updated with a new translation feature which allows you to speak in one language and have Google Home translate it into one of 26 supported languages.


HTC tries to get back in the game with Desire 12s

Dec 17th - HTC is getting back in the game by releasing a new budget smartphone. The HTC Desire 12s looks very similar to the HTC Desire 12, but it comes with a lower price point without giving up too much on the spec sheet.


Google to spend $1B on NYC campus

Dec 17th -  Alphabet Inc’s Google said it is committed to investing over $1 billion to establish a new campus in New York city, as it expands its current presence in the city’s technology corridor along the Hudson River. The new leased campus, which is over 158,000m² (around 1.7 million square feet) will be the primary location for …