Chris Chavez

Senior Editor


OnePlus 6 leaked with wood(?) finish and headphone jack

Mar 27th - With the OnePlus 5T now officially discontinued, fans of premium, high-end Android phones that wont break the bank turn their sights to the OnePlus 6.We’ve seen a few leaks tipping off its design — it’s even said the recently announced Oppo R15 could launch elsewhere as the OnePlus 6 — but we never had as …


Instagram is kinda, sorta going back to a chronological feed

Mar 23rd - In a huge announcement that can only be described as hell freezing over, Instagram announced that they’re kinda, sorta going back to a more chronological feed. They’re also fixing one of the most annoying behaviors of the app. Find out in the post.


Disney’s AR Emoji now available for the Galaxy S9 and S9+

Mar 16th - With the official launch of the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung has released new AR Emoji from Disney. Now available for download, the AR Emoji include both Mickey and Minnie Mouse and are way more cute than that weird AR character you originally created.