ASUS Fonepad

Last updated: Feb 26th, 2013.

The ASUS Fonepad is a 7-inch tablet... or is it a 7-inch phone? It's not remarkable in the department of sheer specs, but this phone is making notable waves in the industry by providing cellular radios for making phone calls. As ridiculous as holding a 7-inch phone up to your face may be, ASUS truly believes the Fonepad will be the go-to device for those who don't want to carry around both a phone and a tablet.

It's an affordable tablet at $250, and comes with Intel's Z2420 Atom processor, 1280x800 resolution, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, a 3 megapixel camera and more. You can look forward to its arrival in March 2013.

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