Last updated: Jul 5th, 2012.

ARCHOS Element tablets have been blessed with yet another brother. This is the ARCHOS 97 and it offers Android 4.0 on a 9.7-inch display for a mere $250.

The rest of the specs are not as surprising, though. The tablet has a 1 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and dual cameras. It would have been a good affordable tablet in 2011, but times have changed. 

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Archos 97 tablet runs Ice Cream Sandwich for $250

Archos has unveiled the first option in their new line of ELEMENT tablets. It’s an Archos 97, and as the name suggests it sports a 9.7 inch display.That’s not even the most interesting thing, though: you can get yourself a legit 10 inch Ice Cream Sandwich tablet for just $250.Don’t get too happy just yet, …