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NVIDIA unveils Tegra Note 7 LTE

Feb 21st - NVIDIA has announced a new LTE-enabled variant of their Note 7 tablet. The connected version of the device features the company’s i500 LTE modem and will be available starting in Q2 of this year.


10 Best To Do Apps for Android in 2017

Jul 12th - Whether you’re trying to make a simple grocery list or keep track of your work responsibilities for the next month, here are the best to do apps for Android right now!

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10 Best To Do Apps for Android in 2017

Jul 12th - Keeping track of everything in your life can be a tall task. Everybody has a million different things going on these days. The right app can be a powerful tool in getting your life organized. To-do list and task manager apps are a dime a dozen in the Play Store. So many different integrations, philosophies, …


100 Best Android Apps of 2017

Dec 29th - Trying to find the Best Android Apps available for Download? Look no further: this up-to-date list has everything you need and more!


100 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Apps

Mar 3rd - One of the first things you’re going to do with the Samsung Galaxy S7 is download apps. Even an amazing phone like the Galaxy S7 is pretty boring without the apps that truly make a smartphone smart.

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The 100 Best Android Apps of 2017

Dec 31st - The Google Play Store is overwhelming, with millions of apps and games to choose from. Even if you know exactly what type of app you want, how do you know which is the best to download? With this: our list of Best Apps, hand-picked by Android experts. Essentials Before you dive into this list, it should be …

13 things every Galaxy Note 4 owner should do

Oct 17th - If this is your first Android phone, see our Android Getting Started Guide So you finally bought the  Samsung Galaxy Note 4 after reading our glowing review. You’ve gloriously ripped it from the box like King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone, booted it up, and completed the installation steps. Now what? There’s a good chance you don’t know where to …

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

Oct 15th - The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is an epic beast. It’s the best productivity smartphone. It’s got the best screen. It’s arguably got the best camera and it undoubtedly has the most bells and whistles. In fact, the Galaxy Note 4’s biggest challenge is that it’s predecessor was so good, it’s difficult to make enough upgrades to impress. With a newly designed metal frame and an array of noticeable feature improvements, Samsung has done just that.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) Review

Oct 3rd - The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition is a huge upgrade from its predecessors and hands down the best stylus focused tablet on the market. Improvements across build & design, hardware & specs, and software & features make it a force to be reckoned with… but is it worth your money? Find out in our Galaxy Note 10.1 Review (2014 Edition).

US Cellular launches 4G-enabled Galaxy Note 10.1

Feb 27th - The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is no spring chicken by now, but some who have been waiting for 4G-equipped versions of the Wacom-enabled tablet to hit their favorite carriers might still be looking out for it. US Cellular is the latest to add the 10.1-inch tablet to its ranks as it has just announced availability. …

Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Note 8.0, and Samsung HomeSync

Feb 23rd - The folks at Samsung have taken it upon themselves to officially announce the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. The tablet is a continuation of the original tablet side of this line which started with a 10 inch variant. It’s quite the perfect intermediate device to go between the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 — a phone — …

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 headed for Verizon [VIDEO]

Jan 7th - We’re live at Samsung’s press conference in Las Vegas where the company has just announced it would be sending its Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to Verizon’s store shelves. You can expect 4G LTE in tow, of course, as well lesser data radios for those areas without coverage. Other than Big Red’s super-fast data antennae this …