The Realme 13 Pro gets artsy with Monet-inspired colors


Phone companies collaborating with other companies and organizations aren’t new. Sometimes this is done for a promotional event, like an upcoming movie, to celebrate a certain anniversary, and so on. In Realme’s case, the company has collaborated with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for the upcoming Realme 13 Pro series.

The handset is expected to be announced soon, but the company has teased some of the color options that will be available. This includes a Monet Purple and Monet Gold finish. As the name implies, these colors have been inspired by the legendary French painter and artist, Claude Monet.

According to Realme, the Monet Gold model is “inspired by Monet’s golden haystacks under sunlight, where the hues radiate warmth and tranquility”. As for the Monet Purple option, this color “reflects the serene beauty of blooming water lilies, which embodies elegance and vitality”.

In addition to these Monet-inspired colors, the upcoming Realme 13 Pro series will also feature design elements like Miracle Shining Glass and Sunrise Halo. This will create effects like “shimmering particles” that showcase the “dynamic interplay of light and shadow found in Monet’s works”. We’re not sure how the phones will look like in real life, but if you’re an art lover, then these designs could be worth looking forward to.

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