Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 tablets are coming!


During Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event, the company unveiled a bunch of new products. This includes their new foldables, new smartwatches, new earbuds, and the Galaxy Ring. But one product missing from the launch is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S10. If you’re looking to upgrade your tablet, don’t worry, it’s still coming.

Speaking to Android Authority, a Samsung South Africa representative told the publication that there will be a Tab S10 series. This means that Samsung is working on the device and they plan to introduce it, just at a later date. When, you ask? The rep declined to provide more details except to confirm that it will arrive by the end of the year.

We suppose that’s to be expected. The Galaxy Tab S9 series launched in 2023 so it makes sense that Samsung would introduce a new model this year. The Tab S9 was launched in July 2023, so it looks like the Tab S10 series could arrive slightly later, but we’ll have to wait and see.

It is unclear if the tablets will get their own launch event or if they will be announced via a press release. Seeing as there won’t be anymore Samsung events for this year, chances are it will be the latter. Either way, check back with us in the coming weeks or months for more updates on the Galaxy Tab S10!

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