Samsung Launches its Galaxy Buds3 Series


Along with the rest of its new hardware, Samsung’s Unpacked event also witnessed the launch of the company’s Galaxy Buds3 series, its latest line of wireless earbuds. Available in two different variants (the latter being a “Pro” model), the Buds3 series packs some new features alongside some interesting design changes.

As far as looks go, Samsung has gone all-out with the design changes, although they’re nothing that we haven’t seen before. The Galaxy Buds3 Pro features a canal-type design, while the Galaxy Buds3 utilizes an open-type design by comparison. Both models share a premium blade design with touch controls, with support for volume and playback controls.

For sound, the Galaxy Buds3 Pro features 2-way speakers with a planar tweeter for high-range sound and dual amplifiers, as well as Ultra High-Quality Audio which supports a doubled sampling rate with the SSC codec. The Super-Wideband Call feature utilizes machine learning to restore voices during calls and provide natural, high-quality phone conversations, replicating the clarity of high-end smartphones.

Samsung says that the Galaxy Buds3 series uses Galaxy AI to provide features to enhance user convenience, including “Interpreter mode” that allows Galaxy Z Fold6 or Flip6 users to hear real-time translations directly through their Buds, and playback via voice command, eliminating the need to touch their earbuds or phone.

The company adds that the Galaxy Buds3 series also uses intelligent algorithms for optimized sound quality, which works in tandem with the hardware onboard.

Built-in Microphones analyze both internal and external sounds in real-time, with Adaptive EQ and ANC adjusting sound and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). The Galaxy Buds3 Pro comes with extra features such as Adaptive Noise Control, Siren Detect, and Voice Detect, which automatically adjust noise levels and detect surrounding sounds.

The Galaxy Buds3 series comes in Silver and White, starting at $179.99 for Galaxy Buds3 and $249.99 for Galaxy Buds3 Pro.

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