Google Begins Rolling out Passkeys for High-risk Users


Google recently announced updates to its Advanced Protection Program (APP) for high-risk users, who can now use passkeys with the APP. This new feature for APP will be available for users working in fields like journalism, politics, or human rights-related organizations. APP previously required two physical security keys to enroll – as such, the new Passkeys offer a more accessible option for users.

To enroll in APP with a passkey, users must confirm that their device and browser can handle passkeys and then head over to the Advanced Protection Program enrollment page. Users should then click on “Get started” and proceed to follow the on-screen instructions, where they’ll choose between enrolling with a passkey or a physical security key. Finally, users will also need recovery options like a phone number, email, or another passkey/security key.

Google says that it’s partnering with Internews to provide safety and security support to journalists and human rights workers globally. This program offers training and resources across 10 countries in Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Additionally, the company distributed over 200,000 security keys worldwide in addition to security training in 20 countries.

Source: Google

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