Android 14 is making its way to the 2023 Motorola Razr phones


It has been a while since the Android 14 update was released, but some phones still haven’t gotten their hands on the update yet. Some of these devices include the 2023 Motorola Razr lineup. The good news is that you own one of the Motorola Razr phones from 2023, it looks like Android 14 is now being rolled out to users.

According to a report from 9to5Google, it seems that some users are reporting that their 2023 Motorola Razr phones are now receiving the Android 14 update. It doesn’t appear to be a widespread rollout yet as most users still haven’t gotten the notification. It is possible that Motorola is going for a gradual rollout to check for issues before releasing it to the masses.

Motorola has taken a surprisingly long time to push out the update to its phones. This is versus other brands who have been pretty prompt about releasing the update. In fact, Motorola just announced its 2024 Razr phones while its 2023 foldables are still running on Android 13.

We’re not sure how long it will take before the update reaches you, but do keep an eye out for potential notifications informing you that the update is now available for download.

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