The OnePlus 13 could pack a MASSIVE battery!


OnePlus is working on a new flagship phone that we expect that they will announce soon. This will come in the form of the OnePlus 13, the successor to the OnePlus 12. Now thanks to info leaked by Digital Chat Station on Weibo, battery details about the OnePlus 13 have made their way online, and it’s good news.

Assuming the report is accurate, the OnePlus 13 is rumored to pack a massive battery upgrade over its predecessor. The report suggests that the battery could be 6,100mAh or 6,200mAh. We had previously heard the rumors that it could be around 6,000mAh, but this new report suggests it could be bigger.

For context, the OnePlus 12 is rocking a 5,400mAh battery. This is decent by today’s standards, but obviously a jump to a 6,200mAh battery would be even better. It is unclear if this new battery will be the Glacier Battery tech that OnePlus announced back in June. Basically this is a new battery tech by OnePlus that manages to fit a larger capacity battery inside a smaller body.

This would allow OnePlus to create a phone that keeps the same dimensions, if not slimmer, while introducing a larger capacity battery. We have no word on when OnePlus will announce the OnePlus 13, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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