Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 external display could see a downgrade


Samsung makes some of the best display tech in the market. Unfortunately, it seems that Samsung could be ditching the AMOLED panel in the external display of the Galaxy Z Flip 6. Instead, the company could be replacing it with an LCD screen.

Throughout the Galaxy Z Flip series, Samsung has always used an AMOLED panel for the outer display. Even when they upgraded the size of the display, they kept the AMOLED. So this is why it is unclear as to why Samsung could be downgrading the experience, unless somehow this LCD panel is better, although it’s hard to see how or why.

In fact, what’s making this feel even weirder is how the price of the Galaxy Z Flip 6 is rumored to be more expensive than its predecessor. This means that customers who buy it will be getting “worse” tech than the previous model. Now, it’s not that we hate LCD. It’s just that AMOLED panels offer deeper blacks and more saturated colors that help images and videos “pop”.

We’re not sure if the difference will be noticeable unless Samsung somehow manages to tune it. Either way, we’ll know for sure once the device has been announced. Samsung is hosting an event on the 10th of July where the new Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 phones will be revealed.

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