WhatsApp is about to get some AI image generation tools


WhatsApp’s parent company Meta is working on AI. Now it looks like WhatsApp is about to be on the receiving end of some of Meta’s AI efforts. According to a recent report from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp could be getting AI image generation tools.

This feature comes in the form of something called “Imagine me”. Basically, users will have to take photos of themselves, after which the Meta AI will be able to generate AI images of them on the fly. It sounds pretty cool, especially if you’re looking to make new stickers of yourself and want some cool photos to use it with.

How it works, at least in the current beta, is that users have to take some photos of themselves to show the AI. After which, they can launch Meta AI and type “Imagine me” in the conversation. It also appears to be an optional feature that users can opt into. This means that if you’re uncomfortable with sharing your photos with Meta, you don’t have to use this feature.

The Imagine me feature isn’t live yet. It is unclear when WhatsApp will introduce this AI tool to the app, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for when it eventually goes live.

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