The Pixel 9 could come with exclusive new AI features


Google has confirmed that its Pixel 9 phones will launch this August. The new phones will obviously get a hardware upgrade, but it looks like there will be a software upgrade as well. According to a report from Android Authority, the Pixel 9 smartphones will come with some exclusive new AI features.

To start, it seems that Google will brand these new AI features under the “Google AI” banner. Google has a bit of a marketing problem with its AI, unlike Samsung who has Galaxy AI and Apple with Apple Intelligence. Putting their AI features under “Google AI” will help make things more recognizable.

According to the report, there will be at least three new AI features coming to the Pixel 9. This includes a feature called “Add Me”, which apparently can ensure that everyone is in a group photo. Presumably it could take photos of people from other photos and smartly merge them into your new photo.

There’s another feature called Studio which can create stickers as well as generate completely new images. It is expected that it might end up being similar to Apple’s Image Playground. Last but not least is a new feature called Pixel Screenshots. Basically it makes your screenshots more useful by letting you search within them and even ask the AI questions about it.

We’re not sure if there will be more new features or if this will be it. Either way, check back with us in August for the details.

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