Nothing’s CMF Brand Teases its Phone once Again


After weeks of teasers, Nothing’s CMF brand has given us a clearer view of the CMF Phone’s design thanks to a new tweet online. The post shows the handset’s rear panel design, which includes the unique mechanism that was revealed earlier on by CMF as well.

As seen in the photo, the CMF Phone will feature a mechanism that will allow it to work with modular accessories and removable back covers, using a dial that’s located on the rear panel as well as a removable screw. It’s also looks drastically different from the Nothing Phone series, which is unsurprising as Nothing wants to keep the two hardware lines separate.

While the phone isn’t set to be fully revealed until July 8, we already know some bits about the handset, which will also be compatible with a range of replaceable back covers as mentioned earlier. CMF also posted several photos showing the back covers, as seen below:

As for what’s powering the phone, both CMF and MediaTek have confirmed that the device will come with a MediaTek Dimensity 7300 chipset, which gives us an idea of what the phone’s performance will be like. In addition to the CMF Phone, the brand will also launch a new smartwatch and earbuds, aptly named the Watch Pro 2 and Buds Pro 2.

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