Pixel 6 phones are dying after being factory reset


It is quite rare that we factory reset our phones. It is usually when we’re trying to sell it off or if there is a major issue that cannot be resolved any other way. Unfortunately for Pixel 6 owners, it seems that after performing a factory reset, they are coming back to dead or bricked phones.

This is according to a multitude of reports spanning across Reddit and the Google support forums. According to users who have factory reset their Pixel 6 phones, the devices are booting up to a black screen. After multiple attempts to restart their devices, users are then greeted with a “tune2fs” error. Users have tried using third-party tools like Android Flash to no avail.

Some have reached out to Google for help and were told that it could be due to a motherboard issue. Unfortunately, Google also told these users that they wouldn’t be able to repair their devices for free if it is out of warranty. There are some who believe that this could be a software issue and not a hardware one.

If you think it could be due to the latest software update, that isn’t the case. Users are reporting that they are running on different versions of Android. It is also not specific to any particular Pixel 6 as the entire lineup appears to be affected. Hopefully Google will have some kind of solution to this issue soon.

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