Google Gemini could come to the iPhone this fall


When Apple unveiled iOS 18 at WWDC 2024 last month, they also revealed their Apple Intelligence AI platform. The company announced that they would be working with OpenAI for some of the AI features. Later during an interview, Apple said that they are open to include more AI models, like Google Gemini, for the iPhone.

For those wondering when that will happen, it seems that we might not have to wait too long. According to a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, it seems that when the new iPhone 16 launches this fall, Google’s Gemini AI will launch alongside it. This means that iPhone users will be able to choose either Gemini or ChatGPT along with Apple Intelligence.

The report claims that Apple is apparently in talks with both Google and Amazon. The report suggests that the deal with Google could be finalized first. For those unfamiliar, Apple Intelligence is expected to power the majority of the AI features on the iPhone. However, for more complex requests, Apple is including support for third-party AI models like Gemini and ChatGPT.

This will help process more complicated requests that Apple Intelligence might not be able to fulfill. Another thing to note is that there is a recent report suggesting that Apple could eventually start charging for Apple Intelligence features. We expect it will be a similar approach that Google and OpenAI have taken. This is where more advanced features could be locked behind a subscription.

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