The Google Pixel 9 could use Samsung’s best display tech


Thanks to the advancements made in display technology, many smartphones these days have adopted the use of OLED panels. But within the OLED space, there are differing levels of quality. For the upcoming Google Pixel 9 series, it seems that Google could end up using the best display tech from Samsung.

This is according to a report from Korean publication ETNews who claims that Google could use the M14 panels made by Samsung. For those unfamiliar, the higher the M number, the better quality the screen will be. Also for context, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra uses the M13 panel, which means that on paper, the Pixel 9 could have a better display.

From an end-user perspective, the difference might not be particularly noticeable. The M14 is said to offer a higher level of brightness. If you’re someone who doesn’t crank their display to the max, you might not notice this. Also, it is said to offer a longer lifespan. Then again if you change your phones every couple of years, you might not really notice the impact.

Ultimately it is believed to be an upgrade, but we doubt it will be very tangible one for most users. Google has recently sent out invites to a new Pixel event that they are hosting in August. The company will most likely announce its new Pixel phones then.

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