Surprise! Apple could start charging for future Apple Intelligence features


At WWDC 2024, Apple officially announced Apple Intelligence. This is Apple’s take on AI. The company mentioned nothing about charging for Apple Intelligence, but if a recent Bloomberg report is accurate, that could change in the future.

According to the report, they claim that Apple could start charging Apple Intelligence users a subscription fee for future additional services. We expect that the base features will remain free, but perhaps more advanced features could be locked behind a paywall. Apple hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but we can’t say we’re surprised.

What would be truly surprising is if Apple Intelligence were to remain free for its entirety. Google already has a more advanced version of its Gemini AI that isn’t free. Samsung has also stated that they plan to eventually start charging users for certain Galaxy AI features, so why not Apple too?

In fact, it would be pretty much in line with Apple’s practices to charge customers. The company’s services sector has been steadily growing in revenue over the years. Apple Intelligence could definitely help boost that considerably, especially if it is as useful as Apple advertises. However, like we said, Apple hasn’t confirmed anything yet so take it with a grain of salt.

Tyler Lee
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