Opera GX gets an Intelligent Upgrade


A while back, we got word that Opera was infusing AI-based features to its many browsers, and it looks like the Opera GX browser in particular got a new update. Opera GX’s built-in Aria AI software now gives users access to newer AI tools, which are part of Opera’s experimental AI feature drops via Opera One’s Developer stream.

With the update, Aria can now turn text prompts and descriptions into images using Google’s Imagen2 model. Once a user creates an image with Aria, they can also use the “regenerate” option to produce a newer image, with a limit of 30 images per day. Additionally, Aria can now also read answers out loud by using Google’s WaveNet model.

Opera has also equipped Aria with new image understanding capabilities. With this, users can upload an image to Aria and then ask the AI tool questions regarding the image in a conversational manner. This is useful for identifying unbranded objects for example, and even math equations.

The new update also improves the text-based chat experience with Aria, and as such it can now support features such “Chat Summary” which can provide a shortened version of an Aria conversation, and “Links to Sources” which should be handy for research purposes.

Opera says that the Aria update is now available for all Opera GX users.

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