Future AirPods could come with built-in cameras


One of the things Apple likes to do with its devices is ensure that they all work with each other. Take for example the Vision Pro headset. It can be used with a Mac computer and double up as an additional display. Now it looks like Apple could be exploring integrating cameras into its AirPods to further enhance the Vision Pro.

This is according to a report from notable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In Kuo’s blog, he writes that he expects Apple to integrate cameras into the AirPods in 2026. It will feature a similar IR receiver module that is currently used in the iPhone’s Face ID. But what’s the point of having cameras in your earbuds?

According to Kuo, he believes that this will enhance and strengthen the spatial computing ecosystem, which at the moment pretty much only comprises the Vision Pro. The AirPods already offer spatial audio support. This means that when worn and listening to audio that supports spatial audio, users can turn their head and the audio direction can change.

However, it is believed that with the integration of the IR receiver and cameras, it can enhance the experience. It is also suggested that it might even be used for air-gestures. It sounds kind of novel, to be honest. Hopefully Apple will include features that will be useful for non-Vision Pro users as well.

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