Capcom Unveils its Newest Monster Hunter Spinoff Game


While the Monster Hunter franchise is no stranger to mobile gaming platforms, the series has mostly stuck to games which more or less offer role-playing elements similar to the mainline titles on the franchise. With that said though, Capcom recently announced the launch of a new Monster Hunter mobile spin-off, in the form of “Monster Hunter Puzzles.”

Monster Hunter Puzzles combines visual elements from the Monster Hunter Stories games and mixes them up with match-3 mechanics, similar to titles like Candy Crush. Players are put into the Felyne Isles in an attempt to save the island’s feline (get it) inhabitants from the mean monsters roaming about – all by matching tiles.

Aside from the main game, other features include leaderboards, collectable items and side-quests, and some character customization as well. The new game follows the release of the original Monster Hunter Stories port for the Nintendo Switch (which itself is also playable on mobile platforms). It’s available now on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Source: Droid Gamers

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