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Renovating a home, building furniture, and buying fitted appliances require precise measurements. This is because slight variations and imprecise levels can throw things off and make things look crooked or don’t fit properly. If you’re looking for a way to be even more precise with your measurements, then Hozo Design’s M-Cube laser measuring tool could be the perfect upgrade to your arsenal of tools.

Modular design

The concept of using a laser to make measurements isn’t new. Lasers are incredibly precise compared to manual measuring tools. However one of the main differences between the M-Cube and other tools is its multi-functionality. This is thanks to the modular design the Hozo Design has adopted.

This allows users to put together various measuring tools depending on their needs. The M-Cube base model is a laser measuring module. It is actually a great place to start as it offers all the basic and standard features you might expect from a laser measuring device.

It can also be used as a level and users can also use it to make indirect measurements. But if you opt for the M-Cube Pro Kit, it comes with everything you might need to plan a home renovation, make custom-sized furniture, and more.

The modules include the M-Cube Main Unit (Laser Measure), Smart Planner (01 Module), Bilateral Laser + (03 Module), and Scale Roller. Each of which has a different purpose, but can be attached or removed depending on the situation. This will result in a more portable and compact, but still very powerful and capable measuring device.

The modules all connect to each other using magnets. Putting them together and disassembling them will be quick and easy. The M-Cube main module also features a touchscreen display. Users can easily swipe through the menu and its functions.

Create floor plans

Creating a floor plan or mapping out a floor plan for a home or building can be quite laborious. You’d have to go and measure everything, usually manually using measuring tapes and what not. This gets tricky if you’re not dealing with completely flat walls.

This is an area where the M-Cube shines. One of the modules included in the M-Cube Pro Kit is the Smart Planner. This is an attachment that will help users put together a floor plan almost effortlessly.

The Smart Planner module can be controlled using a joystick. This allows users to walk around a room and use the joystick to manually control and adjust the laser. There is a lockout button that will lock the laser at 90-degree angles, which is fine if your rooms are more simple. But if you have a slightly more complicated area to work with, the joystick will come in handy.

Once users are done, they can save these measurements and then download it to their smartphone via the accompanying app. These floor plan designs can be saved and also exported if you need to view it on a computer, send it to a client or designer, and so on.

Use it as a scale tape measure

The scale tape measure is another module that we thought was worth pointing out. Using rulers to measure the length and width of objects works just fine. But if you need more precise measurements, this is where this module comes in handy.

It features a built-in roller. This allows users to roll the M-Cube across a surface to get its measurements instead of moving rulers around. It can be used to get scale measurements of buildings or floor plan blueprints. All you need to do is set the laser according to the blueprint’s scale and it will convert it for you automatically.

It will also be very useful if you need to measure the radius or circumference of objects that might otherwise be tricky with more traditional tools. Users can also choose from different measurement units depending on their needs. The use of the laser also makes it easy for users to see the direction which they’re rolling the device in. This ensures that they’re staying on track.

Pricing & availability

If you’re interested in the M-Cube, it is available on Hozo Design’s website where it is priced starting at $89 just for the main module alone. However, if you’re interested in all the features that we mentioned above, you can opt for the all-in-one M-Cube Pro Kit for $395. It comes with all the accessories and modules and will be cheaper than buying it all separately.

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