Realme says they will bring AI to all of its future phones


The AI revolution is here. We’re starting to see more companies introduce it in their devices. But some companies, such as Apple, are reserving their AI features for their latest handsets, old iPhones be damned. Even Samsung has a limit on which of their phones get AI. That’s something Realme is hoping to avoid when it comes to AI implementation.

Speaking to 91mobiles, Realme VP and President of Global Market Chase Xu revealed that the company is looking to bring AI to all of its future phones. Yes, you read that right, all of their future phones.

This is great news because not everyone can afford a flagship phone, but does that mean they’ll miss out on these new AI features? Yes and no. According to Xu, the plan is to implement AI across the board. But depending on the phone in question, some handsets might get basic AI features while the higher-end flagships will get more advanced features.

We guess this shouldn’t be surprising. Higher-end phones have more powerful hardware that can process certain things better. Unless Realme plans to rely 100% on cloud-based computing, some AI features will need to be done on-device. We’re not sure what the exact differences are, but at the very least even Realme’s budget customers will still be able to enjoy some AI tech.

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