OnePlus Launches an eSim Variant of the OnePlus Watch 2


Alongside the launch of the new and powerful OnePlus Pad Pro, the company has also announced an eSim-compatible version of the OnePlus Watch 2, which brings data connectivity features for the device. One caveat however is that it’s currently exclusive for markets in China, although we’re hoping it eventually makes its way stateside.

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With that said, the eSim-enabled OnePlus Watch 2 retains all the hardware specifications of the “standard” edition, save for a few design changes. One is the re-designed strap as well as the action buttons, which are now both rounded. Available in “Meteorite Black” and “Nebula Green,” it retails for around $250 when converted.

With that being said, this isn’t the only “special” edition of the OnePlus Watch 2. Recently, OnePlus also introduced a “Nordic Blue” edition, which includes a new hybrid leather strap that combines fluororubber and genuine leather design accents for a more classy look and feel, in addition to a unique-looking two-tone blue GMT dial not found on the other OnePlus Watch 2 variants.

Source: GSMArena

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