Google Translate adds more than a Hundred New Languages to its Database


Perhaps one of the most handy tools in Google’s bag of tricks, Google Translate has maintained its status quo as a reliable service especially for folks who need a personal translator for travel, communication, and more. As such, Google recently announced that it’s added support for 110 more languages, nearly double of its original database.

According to the company, it’s using its expertise with AI to expand Translate’s capabilities, which now includes languages such as “Afar,” “Cantonese,” “Punjabi,” and “Manx,” to name a few. According to an official post from Google:

Now, we’re using AI to expand the variety of languages we support. Thanks to our PaLM 2 large language model, we’re rolling out 110 new languages to Google Translate, our largest expansion ever.

Google adds that there are many factors to consider when translating languages, including the vast variations within a language, such as regional dialects and spelling differences. Additionally, advancements like PaLM 2 help Translate better understand related languages, such as those close to Hindi (like Awadhi) and French creoles (like Seychellois Creole).

Google does clarify that it will continue to partner with linguists and native speakers in addition to AI as it continues to work on Translate.

Source: Google

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