This is what the Surface Duo 3 could have looked like


When the first Microsoft Surface Duo was introduced, many were surprised. Given that foldable phones were already around, it was interesting that Microsoft went in a different direction. But it turns out that maybe Microsoft was planning a true foldable in the Surface Duo 3.

This is according to a recently-discovered patent by the folks at Patently Apple. Based on the patent, it suggests that Microsoft was toying around with the idea of creating a true foldable smartphone. What’s interesting is that the patent also reveals the addition of a kickstand that would let users prop up the phone to watch videos or make video calls.

This is actually not the first time we’re hearing about this. Back in 2022, there were rumors that the Surface Duo 3 could have a true foldable display. We were pretty excited about this, but Microsoft ultimately scrapped their plans for the handset. That being said, keep in mind that companies file for patents all the time.

These patents don’t necessarily mean that the actual product will look like that. Instead, it could be filed just to protect a piece of intellectual property. Either way, we are curious how the handset would have fared if it really launched as a foldable phone. Samsung is clearly dominating the foldable market at the moment, but who knows, maybe Microsoft could have gotten a foothold.

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