The UE Everboom Combines a Rugged Design with Powerful Sound


Rugged wireless speakers aren’t anything new – in fact, a quick search on Amazon brings up a ton of products which are all designed to be rugged while streaming your favourite music. With that said, it takes a bit of refinement and quality to truly deliver a good-sounding audio experience, something that Ultimate Ears is betting on with the launch of the new UE EVERBOOM.

The EVERBOOM joins UE’s lineup of other wireless speakers, and packs some pretty nifty hardware both inside and out – it comes with IP67 certification for dust and water protection, and makes for a handy companion on outdoor trips. It’s designed to basically survive drops and splashes, and it even floats when in water.

It also supports long-distance Bluetooth connectivity of up to 55 meters (that’s around 180 feet), and up to 20 hours of playtime, and also packs support for NFC connectivity with smartphones. UE has also built in an “outdoor boost” button that it says increases the bass sound of the speaker.

As for price, the UE EVERBOOM costs $249.99, making it one of the more expensive speakers in the UE wireless speaker lineup. It launches first for the US, with more regions to follow in the coming months.

Source: Logitech

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