Windows WiFi vulnerability lets hackers remotely hijack your PC


There are always bound to be bugs in software. Sometimes these issues aren’t that big, but sometimes they can be dangerous. Take for example a recent Windows WiFi vulnerability that Microsoft disclosed. This vulnerability is severe enough that it could allow hackers to remotely takeover your PC.

Microsoft recently confirmed the existence of CVE-2024-30078. This is a new WiFi attack that would allow hackers to inject malware onto your Windows computer by exploiting vulnerability in the operating system. Before you freak out, Microsoft has since managed to patch it.

By exploiting this vulnerability, hackers can inject code onto the system and requires no action from the user. This means that it could be happening without your knowledge. Companies usually disclose vulnerabilities and security flaws only after it has been patched or fixed. This is done to avoid panic where users might be worried that their devices are still open to being hacked.

Microsoft notes that they do not believe that this vulnerability has been exploited, so that’s a good thing. So if you’re using a Windows-based computer, you should get a notification that there is an update waiting for you. Don’t put off the installation of this patch if you’re hoping to prevent your PC from being hacked.

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